Artist Statement (2015)


As a photographer, I want to be outside, on the road, always on the wing. My photographs are created by wandering and moving, during unstructured and intuitive walks, during undirected road trips, never dwelling too long on any subject or being drawn too far beyond the initial point of fascination.

I am in search of a visual language. Although subject and place are subordinate, I do have a specific story in mind. I want to recreate the objects, moments and places of which my memories consist. I'm not looking for the actual or exact objects, moments and places, but for a setting fit to build the imagery.

The visual transformation of the world through time, leaving behind places and objects as a testimony of this transformation, is an important starting point for almost every photographic journey. The sense of former activity, forgotten relevance and lost importance, combined with traces, left by people, elements or time, assemble the ethos that triggers me. My work is an upshot of a visual, literary and scenographic approach.

More directly, my photographs are intuitive registrations of a simple reality, that is often alienated by composition and framing. They insinuate what is hidden by the frame or by time. Situations, compositions and details of the surrounding world are isolated in the setting and cut off from their context. A banal reality gets transformed into something enigmatic for the spectator; for me, it adds up to a greater story.